A Trip to the Airport

by mtremblay on February 26, 2014

It has been way too long since I have had any conversation with you and so much has happened.

As you may know, I started my life after art school as a floral designer, had my own business for many years and enjoyed some success. Then a few years ago, that little voice inside of me, the one that had been whispering to me for all of those years, decided that whispering wasn't the way to get my attention.

She decided to SHOUT!

And shout she did…and yes, her voice was heard.

I made the change from full time, freelance floral designer to full time fine artist doing paper sculpture.

Things started to happen.

First, thanks to Jinous Kazimi at Millesime in Philadelphia, people had the opportunity to see my work . Jinous called one day and asked if I could have my flower pieces ready to show…in 8 days. Crazy, but YES! There were plenty of my paper flower sculptures to show. This was particularly exciting since I made many pieces and I had no plan on how I could share them with others. 

Then came Design Philadelphia. More exposure, again through Millesime. This time something really wonderful happened. My name caught the eye of the Curator of the Art at the Airport . She came to see my work and decided to offer me the opportunity to show my work at the airport!

That was over a year ago.

Last week it was installed. In the airport. In Philadelphia International AIrport. WOW!!!!

Have you ever had your wildest dream come true? This is the very beginning of having my wildest dream come true. The biggest dream is to change people's lives, even for a brief moment. To delight and enchant and make you feel good. To show you a place inside yourself where you can be and dream. 

Hope you enjoyed this very long overdue post…

Would love it if you would share!



The Dora Project…in memory of my mom

by mtremblay on April 11, 2013

Dora Buttone Tremblay (my mom)

I realize it has been a while since I have written. My last post was about my dad…I miss him very much.

I am now turning my attention to my mom. My mom died from breast cancer when I was at the beginning of my sophomore year of college.

She was 50 years old. Talk about suck!

Although as I look back it was very clear that my mom was sick and probably not going to come out of her disease, at 19 years old, you are simply not prepared to lose a parent…too bad for you. I have so many conflicting thoughts about my mom and her death. Was it really necessary? Was "everything" done? It is now almost 40 years ago…with so many public efforts to raise dollars to "cure" cancer, I feel a bit wary of the industry of cancer. 

But looking at my mom, leaving her disease out of the picture, there are so many memories. My mom was one of those people who had strong feelings about things. She was not bland or middle of the road. People either really liked her (or not, I am sure). Fortunately I think more liked her than not.

Her parents were from Italy…like many who came to the US with the hopes of a better life. My mom served in the US Navy during the second world war as a Nurse and it is where she met my dad.

My parents had a real love affair marriage. They were devoted to each other, which, I now know, is why I felt so safe as a child. They rarely fought that I can remember. Our house was a safe haven for me. Very secure.

Although I believe we shared some of the same ideas around of parenting, we parented very differently. She was not interested in being my friend. She never went to the movies with me. She was my mom. Period. A grown-up. There were very clear boundaries. She was not afraid to be disliked by me.  She did what was necessary. The thing about my mom was she was waiting for me to grow up. She was never going to talk to me as if she was a peer. As I got older, more mature, our relationship got closer. I am not sure she was 100% comfortable with me as a little girl.  She did not play with me…ever.

What we did together that was so much fun was cook. We made ravioli, made lasagna, made cookies and we went shopping. She was an expert in all of these areas of life and was always happy to include me.

As I am sure you can tell, my memories , though many, have gotten vague…sad, but I guess thats how things go. As time has passed, and particularly near Mother's Day, when I walk through stores looking at the many displays of the Mother's Day offerings I yearn to reach out to my Mom.

This year I am doing something about that!

I have launched a Kickstarter project called "The Dora Project" as a way to remember my mom and help others celebrate their moms. I hope you will have a look,  participate and share it!

Moms, all of them, deserved to be cherished, celebrated, honored. Their memories not forgotten and opportunities to make memories not missed. 

Happy Mother's Day mom! I love you.


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