Airport Art-Philly Style

by mtremblay on May 14, 2014

Yes, it's true! My 2 pieces "Mandala: Pursuit of Suri" a flower field piece and "Rosalba" a large paper sculpture are living (temporarily) in US.Airways Terminal B of the Philadelphia International Airport. They have been there since December and will remain till the summer. It is such an honor to serve the many people who travel through the airport as well as those who work there every day.

My intention when making my art is to lift people up, to transport them to joy, to connect them with their deeper selves… a mood elevator in every way.  This is a task I take quite seriously. There are many opportunities in the world we live in to receive joy as well as sorrow. My focus is always on the joy.

 An e-mail from a traveler who saw my work at Terminal B in the Philadelphia International Airport says:

"Today I had a 2 hour layover in the Philly airport and decided to take a walk instead of just sitting around. As I was moving through a busy terminal surrounded by people, noise, and more ads than one can count, I noticed an explosion of color and pattern.
I stood studying your Paper Garden display admiring the time and effort (love) you put into it that is obvious to the viewer. It was 20 minutes later that I realized I hadn't moved while trying to absorb each separate shape and the colors they reflected back at me from the white field behind them.
I want to thank you for allowing such a beautiful piece to be placed in such a public area. Normally I dread my time traveling, but your art gave me a chance to pause and appreciate something I would have never known if not for my urge to walk."

WOW!  He received the joy!!! Can I tell you it was the most exciting e-mail. It feels good to know someone I have never met was touched by work I had put there for him to see. So grateful to him for reaching out to me and giving me the gift back.  Is is why I do what I do. 

So this begs the question…Do you notice art as you travel from place to place? There are many airports besides the Philadelphia International Airport that have wonderful art for you to enjoy. Do you take a moment to stop and have a look? Hope from reading this post you will start looking for the art.

So stop. Catch your breath. Have a look. It is waiting there just for you!

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Happy travels to you!



A Trip to the Airport

by mtremblay on February 26, 2014

It has been way too long since I have had any conversation with you and so much has happened.

As you may know, I started my life after art school as a floral designer, had my own business for many years and enjoyed some success. Then a few years ago, that little voice inside of me, the one that had been whispering to me for all of those years, decided that whispering wasn't the way to get my attention.

She decided to SHOUT!

And shout she did…and yes, her voice was heard.

I made the change from full time, freelance floral designer to full time fine artist doing paper sculpture.

Things started to happen.

First, thanks to Jinous Kazimi at Millesime in Philadelphia, people had the opportunity to see my work . Jinous called one day and asked if I could have my flower pieces ready to show…in 8 days. Crazy, but YES! There were plenty of my paper flower sculptures to show. This was particularly exciting since I made many pieces and I had no plan on how I could share them with others. 

Then came Design Philadelphia. More exposure, again through Millesime. This time something really wonderful happened. My name caught the eye of the Curator of the Art at the Airport . She came to see my work and decided to offer me the opportunity to show my work at the airport!

That was over a year ago.

Last week it was installed. In the airport. In Philadelphia International AIrport. WOW!!!!

Have you ever had your wildest dream come true? This is the very beginning of having my wildest dream come true. The biggest dream is to change people's lives, even for a brief moment. To delight and enchant and make you feel good. To show you a place inside yourself where you can be and dream. 

Hope you enjoyed this very long overdue post…

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